Class Etiquette Tips

Please Check In Before Class

Use the MindBody app or the schedule page on our website to sign up for class before you arrive. This allows our teachers to plan for spacing, and helps them to create a class that will accommodate all students. 

Arrive on Time

Being in a hurry is already stressful, but rushing into a yoga class distracts both you and your classmates. When you arrive on time, you give yourself the space you need to check in, put away your items, roll out your mat, and gather any props you’ll need for class. 

That said, we at Nectar Flow Yoga understand that life gets busy and will welcome you even if you are a few minutes behind. Please be courteous if you must arrive late. We even recommend waiting outside if you see the class is still in quiet meditation, then you can enter once we begin to move.

Silence and Store Your Devices

Yoga is a time to turn inward, connect with yourself, and disconnect with the outside world. We encourage you to escape the digital addictions and distractions we face in everyday life, and are offering you a rare chance to be fully present. Notifications, even silent vibrations, are incredibly distracting, both for you and your classmates. We suggest turning your phone AND watches on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode, and safely storing them in our cubby area away from your mat.

Remove Your Shoes

Yoga is practiced with bare or socked feet. We have a space outside the door with benches for you to comfortably remove your shoes and shelves for you to store them. 

Set a Noble Intention

Our yoga studio is a space for internal reflection, not for competition. Remember, you’re here for yourself—not anyone else. Be kind, gentle, and respectful to yourself and in your communication with others. 

Need to Leave Early? 

Please let the teacher know, position yourself close to the door, and be sure to leave before savasana begins. When it’s time to leave, pack up and scoot out as quietly as you can. When you cannot stay for savasana, you are welcome to start your rest early and leave before the class begins their rest to avoid shuffling out during the most meditative and restful stage of the experience. The traditional benefits of savasana claim to restore your nervous system to its default settings and offer your mind a chance to sink into meditation. But above all, it’s a rare chance for you to do nothing for a few minutes. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and feel the weight of your body against the floor. It’s your own little R&R opportunity. Please don’t miss it!

Replace Your Props

At Nectar Flow Yoga we offer complementary use of props, mats, and towels. Please place the used towel in the wire hamper to the left of the prop shelf. Bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps all have a place on our prop shelf. Please help to keep it tidy by folding blankets with the fringe in. If you’re borrowing one of the studio’s mats, please spray it with the provided mat spray, and wipe it down with one of the towels we offer. 

Ready to start your yoga practice?