Dynamic Kettlebell Series – FULL

Strength-training meets yoga!

Pre-requisite: The Loaded Yoga Workshop offered on August 19th at 12pm. If unable to attend, please contact us to set up an alternate time.

Bring the balance and focus of yoga to the world of strength training using added weight to build muscle mass and stronger bones!

Our instructor, Joni Stimpson, is highly-trained and well-experienced in strength training, with a particular passion for kettlebells. Her vision is to create a bridge between traditional strength training and the intentional movements of yoga.

After establishing basic movements, you will perfect how to kettlebell safely and effectively in order to load functional movements such as the “Squat and Hinge” and the “Turkish Get Up.”

Overall, this class series will build strength, awareness, balance, muscle mass, and bone density, all while providing a centering and simultaneously rigorous workout!


Oct 17 2023


6:30 am - 7:30 am