Mother/Daughter Retreat Reviews

Review from Callie C.

The mother daughter retreat was EPIC! I attended with my 13 yo daughter and not only did we have a blast, but we bonded on a deep level and kindled some hurting parts of our relationship. There was space for us to slow down and really tune in and listen to each other. I learned so much about my daughter on this retreat, as well as watched her flourish among her peers. The activities they curated to connect mom and daughter were fun, light-hearted, and very intentional. I cannot recommend this retreat enough! I promise you will not regret it! 

“Overall, it was a magical experience for me & my daughter. The minute we started to drive away, she said “Mom, thank you so much for bringing me here – can we do it again next year?!” Kids loved the s’mores, cookies, brownies and spaghetti! Loved it and you did an amazing job! 

Review from Leigh R.

“The Mother/Daughter Yoga Retreat with Nectar Flow was incredible! My daughter is younger, so she hasn’t had much experience in the world of yoga and self care. She sees me doing a lot of this in my life, but it helped for her to be around new and old friends doing all of these activities. I think it made it much more ‘cool’ to do with her peers than just her Momma. We will totally sign up for this again next year! She has started journaling since we’ve been home, and I’m sure I will continue to see more that she got out of it as time moves on. The acro yoga was one of our favorite parts for sure. And the time with the horses was such a special addition. Super fun! Thank you, Casie, for this beautiful and memorable experience…we love you and Nectar Flow!”