The Wandering Studio: Nectar Flow Yoga’s Journey Home

When I envisioned Nectar Flow Yoga and opened in 2016, I had no idea the journey I was literally about to embark upon. I have the studio moved a total of EIGHT TIMES, and many of my amazing students have followed me through all of these changes. Now, Nectar Flow has found its new (hopefully!) forever home at 21818 Hwy 71 in Spicewood, Texas! A lovely little space tucked away off of Highway 71 in the heart of “new” Spicewood, right across from Angel’s Icehouse and next door to J5 Steakhouse. Large enough for a good-sized class to have plenty of space, but small enough to still feel quaint and community-focused. Complete with the eclectic vibes that mark our signature style–there’s no corporate feel here!

I’m so happy to be able to offer cool towels and hot tea after class with access to our little kitchenette, and we even have a small area to enjoy tea and conversation after class. The windows look out to a lovely yard.

Come practice with us! Visit our new yoga studio at 21818 Hwy 71 in Spicewood, Texas.

What a journey it’s been! When I first opened Nectar Flow Yoga in 2016, I began in the space that is now Pizzeria Sorellina, but soon had to move to the patio of Apis Restaurant when construction for the pizzeria began. The patio wasn’t a good fit then (little did I know that I’d end up there 4 years later due to Covid!), but, undeterred and with a growing following, I decided to move into a small space shared with Spicewood Karate. Just under a year after that, the landlord decided to tear our sweet little yellow building down to make way for warehouse space, and we found ourselves without a space yet again. After a brief pause in classes, we moved yet again to our space on Bee Creek Rd where we stayed until the Covid shutdown March 2020.

At that point, I took to teaching online–a HUGE challenge for me, as my inspiration comes from the students in front of me. But, I have to admit that despite the tedium of it, online teaching improved my skills tremendously and ultimately made me a better teacher. By June, I was anxious to get back to in-person classes, but we were still so unsure of how contagious the virus was, so I hosted classes outside under the pavilion at Sorellina with plenty of space between students. It was uneven, dirty, hot, and buggy, but we made it work. By September 2020, I moved back to the patio of Apis, as Sorellina was reopening, and we started to feel more comfortable at closer proximity. And there we stayed, through cold and heat, wind and rain, trying to maintain our yoga practice in the midst of a pandemic.

Finally, in the fall of 2022, we felt comfortable enough to move indoors to the dining room of Apis Restaurant, seeing as how it was not going to reopen. Since my first move to the little yellow building in 2016 I have had my eye on the space I am in now. The landlord, too, has always thought it would be a good fit. When the previous tenant was moving out in early 2023, discussions began, and here we are! I’m so grateful for all the students that have stuck with me through thick and thin. We have finally arrived!