Teacher Training Reviews

“It is hard to put into words the profound impact that Yoga Teacher Training has had on my life. Not only did it strengthen my daily movement practice, but it deepened my spiritual practice and empowered me to have a mind, body, and soul connection that allowed me to feel fully EMBODIED. Deciding to do yoga teacher training was one of the most mindful and special gifts I have ever given myself. Receiving the training from Casie was like learning from a master teacher and I feel honored to have learned from her. She facilitated grace, humility, strength, skill, knowledge, expertise, passion, and open-mindedness throughout the whole training. I had waited nine months after deciding I wanted to do YTT to take the training from Casie, specifically due to her personal daily practice, extensive teaching background, and the way she gracefully and easefully cues your body throughout practice. She inspires me. The time we spent together during the training was full of bonding, deep conversations, curiosity, fun, and LOVE. I will FOREVER be grateful for investing in myself and this training. It changed my life. Thank you, Casie!”-Callie Coale, 2022 Graduate

“I waited three years for Casie to launch a teacher training program because I knew from being a student in her classes that she is a born teacher. She has mastered the material and is clearly committed to her own yoga practice. We covered so many elements of yoga, from Ayurveda to biomechanics to chakras — and then wove in regular practical work as we built our teaching skills. It was special to be in her first cohort and spend two months with my fellow trainees. I already had a reasonably strong practice from attending classes regularly, but now I better understand the full scope of what a yoga practice can be, both on and off the mat. It was an opportunity we don’t have enough as adults. I got to spend time with other people, step outside of my daily grind, and expand my mind with reading and our discussions. I’m grateful I invested time and effort into my personal growth and for all that I learned.”-Joni Stimpson, 2022 Graduate

“YTT at Nectar Flow Yoga is the best decision I could have made. I started YTT after only practicing yoga for 1.5 years. I remember being hesitant, thinking to myself, can I really do this? Me, the one who took zeros in class to avoid doing presentations in school to avoid being in front of people, the one who always avoids change? At the time I happened to be going through some big personal challenges in life and felt that maybe the universe was trying to tell me something, the timing was just right. I asked Casie if she thought I could do it and she immediately assured me that I could and that I would love it. Well, I did it and honestly it was life changing. Casie really is an amazing teacher and made me feel so comfortable and confident, which is a big deal. The amount of wealth and knowledge as well as self confidence I gained is immeasurable, not to mention the lifelong friendships and bonds that were created, the best. I will forever be grateful for YTT. If I can change just one person’s life with yoga like it changed mine, that’s truly what it’s all about! Can’t thank you enough Casie, as well as the other wonderful teachers I learned from during our training, Shari, Iva and Jody. Truly pivotal point in my life that I will forever be grateful for. If you’re thinking about doing YTT, do it, whether you want to teach or just broaden your knowledge, Nectar Flow Yoga is a truly special place.”-Kelly Scippa, 2022 Graduate

“I had the incredible privilege of participating in Casie Hall’s Yoga Teacher Training Program, and I can’t express enough gratitude for the transformative experience it provided. Casie’s program truly goes above and beyond in engaging with the components of the 8 limbs of yoga, making it a comprehensive and holistic learning journey. From the very beginning, it was evident that Casie was not just a yoga instructor, but a passionate and knowledgeable guide on the path of yoga. Her dedication to the practice and teachings of yoga was contagious, and it inspired all of us as students to dive deep into this ancient tradition. One of the standout aspects of Casie’s program was her emphasis on anatomy and alignment. Understanding the body and how it moves is crucial in yoga, and Casie’s expertise in this area was evident. Her detailed explanations and hands-on guidance helped us understand how each pose affects the body, physically and energetically. This knowledge not only made us better practitioners but also empowered us as future teachers to guide our students safely. Another essential component of Casie’s program was the emphasis on accountability. She stressed the importance of "doing no harm" not only to others but also to ourselves. This concept extends beyond physical practice and into our daily lives, reminding us to be mindful of our actions, thoughts, and words. It reinforced the idea that yoga is not just a physical practice but a way of life that promotes harmony, compassion, and self-awareness. Casie’s dedication to her students’ growth and well-being was evident throughout the program. She created a supportive and nurturing environment where we felt comfortable exploring our own limits and pushing beyond them. Her approach was always encouraging, and she fostered a sense of community among us that made the journey even more enriching. In conclusion, I can’t express enough gratitude for Casie Hall and the incredible Yoga Teacher Training Program she has created. It was a life-changing experience that has deepened my understanding of yoga, anatomy, alignment, and the ethical principles that guide this ancient practice. I feel well-prepared to not only share the physical aspects of yoga with others but also to inspire them to live a more mindful and compassionate life. Thank you, Casie, for your dedication, wisdom, and love for yoga. You have truly made a difference in my life! :)”-Courtney Lepore, 2023 Graduate

“Casie is an excellent teacher, and I’m so proud to say I’ve completed her 200 hr YTT. The curriculum she curated was in-depth and interesting. The variety of learning methods she used ensured that her lessons stuck. We read, journaled, physically practiced, workshopped in small groups, watched videos, viewed and discussed slideshow presentations, and more. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive, and I feel well equipped to teach yoga after completing her training. The experience was truly life-changing. I’m forever grateful for the tools, support, and community I’ve gained.” -Adrian Mefford, 2023 Graduate

“Casie is a gifted teacher and her passion for instruction came through all of her prepared curriculum as it was well thought through, planned and executed. My personal training experience was supported, a deep steep in yogic traditions, a full understanding of mind, energetic and anatomical body awareness. I am a better person for this training and feel well prepared to teach others. I really enjoyed the elective subjects and found that they enriched me as a person. I feel more experienced and Casie left our cohort with an invitation to continue on our growth journey with the warmest and most genuine positivity. I know she is available to help guide me along the new path of yoga teaching.”-Jenni Adkins, 2023 Graduate

“I highly recommend the Nectar Flow Yoga teacher training program. Casie Hall did an exceptional job creating a manual and curriculum that was extremely in depth, engaging and easy to follow. I loved how she wove in journal prompts, art projects and external reading requirements to promote engagement with the information being taught. Her teaching style was easy to follow. She was prompt and professional, while also being fun and informative. Casie’s knowledge of the practice is very impressive, I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to earn my certification with her. Casie orchestrated a beautiful blend of movement and learning. Her Nectar Flow Adaptable Sequence has set me up for success as a new teacher. This blueprint gives me a springboard for my own creativity or a flow that I can depend on if I can’t think of something on my own. I definitely recommend you train with her if you get the opportunity.”-Penelope Blue, 2023 Graduate