Casie Hall, E-RYT500 MEd

Owner and Founder of Nectar Flow Yoga

Casie Hall’s dedication to yoga and her commitment to sharing her passion with others through Nectar Flow Yoga is indeed impressive. Her multifaceted background, extensive training, and emphasis on continuous learning and community-building make her a valuable asset to the yoga community in Spicewood, Texas, and beyond. Casie’s ability to incorporate various yoga styles into her classes, along with her focus on anatomy and alignment, demonstrates her holistic approach to teaching and her desire to provide a well-rounded yoga experience for her students.

Moreover, Casie’s journey from a career in education to her true calling as a yoga instructor highlights the importance of following one’s passions and aligning one’s profession with their personal interests. Her dedication to lifelong learning serves as an inspiration to both her students and fellow yoga practitioners, emphasizing the transformative power of yoga and its potential to lead individuals toward a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Casie Hall’s Nectar Flow Yoga studio stands as a testament to her vision of creating a welcoming and inclusive yoga community, where individuals can explore and deepen their yoga practice while also forging meaningful connections with others. Her infectious love for inversions, interweaving of yoga philosophy, combined with her emphasis on safety and alignment contribute to a unique and enriching yoga experience for her students. Casie’s journey and the space she has created reflect the transformative and empowering nature of yoga, which extends beyond physical postures and into personal growth, self-discovery, and the nurturing of a supportive community.

Education, Trainings, & Credentials

  • 200hr YA Certification in Power Yoga, Bodhi Yoga, May 2016
  • 20hr Yoga for the Pelvic Floor, DeLora Frederickson, February 2018
  • 20hr Anatomy of Breath, Leslie Kaminoff, March 2018
  • 20hr Yoga and Alignment, Jason Crandell, April 2018
  • 50hr Ashtanga Certification, David Swenson, September 2018
  • 50hr Pranayama and Meditation, Chase Bossart, December 2018
  • 300hr YA Certification, Practice Yoga, September 2019
  • 50hr Rocket Yoga, Yoga East Austin, September 2021
  • Masters Degree in Education, Texas State University, May 2009
  • BA in History, Rhodes College, May 2001

Joni Stimpson

Certified Yoga Instructor

Joni is a no-nonsense fitness instructor that has fallen in love with the creativity and artistry of yoga.  A certified personal trainer, kettlebell specialist, and now yoga instructor, she has been teaching for 15 years and loves to focus on building muscle through functional movement patterns.

Yoga has been a wonderful addition to her teaching style as it adds the mind-body connection and having fun as you create shapes through poses. Her teaching is informed by the adage “First, move well, then move often.” 

Expect thoughtful functional movement in her classes with dynamic transitions. Her challenging and fun classes will leave you feeling invigorated yet relaxed.

She has three children and lives in Spicewood.

Education, Trainings, & Credentials

  • Nectar Flow Yoga Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training | Fall 2022 | 200 hours
  • Certified Personal Trainer | StrongFirst Level 1 | National Academy of Sports Medicine | 2012

Callie Coale

Certified Yoga Instructor

Callie spends most of her time in nature, and through that brings awareness to the natural rhythms of life into the studio. A wellness fanatic since a young age, Callie will guide you to reconnect with your inner being as a way to take care of your mind, body, and soul during her classes. With a background as a nurse, Callie comes to the world of yoga with an informed and holistic perspective that will help you learn to listen to your body and tune into your deeper needs. Expect quiet calm amidst challenges that might surprise you! She is lighthearted, kind, and nurturing, ready to great you with a smile and her infectious sense of humor. Peace and Love!

Education, Trainings, & Credentials

  • Nectar Flow Yoga Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training | Fall 2022 | 200 hours

Kelly Scippa

Certified Yoga Instructor

Although relatively new to yoga, it has changed Kelly’s life! She fell in love during her very first class amidst the pandemic in March of 2021. She soon decided to become an instructor with the encouragement of the Nectar Flow Yoga community and owner, Casie Hall, and completed her teacher training with Nectar Flow Yoga last November.

Kelly is a native Texan. She grew up in the Houston area, finished her bachelor's degree in Business at Sam Houston State Univ. in Huntsville, Tx and has called Austin home since 1998. She worked in the oil and gas industry for 20 years & decided to step away from that world and focus on health and wellness, her soul’s calling, so to speak. She currently works in the health and wellness industry and teaches yoga in her community. She hasn’t looked back and continues to evolve in her health and fitness journey and absolutely loves teaching yoga. A lover of animals and all things nature, you can also find her kayaking and boating on the Pedernales River and Lake Travis.

You can look forward to slow, flowing in a playful, fun atmosphere with gentle reminders to let go of all that is not serving you, closing out with the option of a relaxing lavender induced shoulder massage!! Come join Kelly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm for her Evening Flow class!

Education, Trainings, & Credentials

  • Nectar Flow Yoga Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training | Fall 2022 | 200 hours

Laura Marcotte

Certified Yoga Instructor

Laura’s journey into yoga began in 1994, at The Spiral Circle in Orlando, FL studying with Hari Nam. The first class was a life changing event, filled with excitement and wonder, Laura became a fixture at the weekly classes. After moving to Northern California she continued to practice and study with Saraswathi Devi and found yoga changed her relationship with her self and then everything else. In Austin, TX she obtained her 500 hour teaching certification through Yoga Alliance. In 2010 she began to assist with the Kundalini Teacher Training in Austin. Over the years she has attended seminars with Sean Corn, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gurumukh, Martin Kirk, Guru Singh and Sai Ma finding gems in hearts of all teachers and all styles of yoga.

Laura loves to share yoga and meditation with adults and children. She wrote the yoga curriculum for grades K-12 currently used in the Austin Public Schools. At this time her work with students in recovery and relapse prevention is her passion. Using pranayam, asana and meditation to cope with stress and find strength and peace within.

Silvia Noha

Certified Yoga Instructor

Sylvia’s passion for yoga reached a new level with the move to Austin in the summer of 2013. Recreational up to this point, her practice became a daily one, connecting her deeper to herself, her new surroundings and a new community. From this place of growth Sylvia knew she wanted to teach: she completed a Teacher Training in the fall of 2014 and kept moving forward enrolling in a Yoga Therapy Training program here

in Austin. She currently holds a 500hr RYT certification through Yoga Alliance with additional trainings in Ayurveda, Yin yoga and the Chakra system, and will complete her training as a yoga therapist in the spring of 2019. She teaches Power Vinyasa, more alignment focused slow flow classes, Yin yoga, corporate classes and is available for privates. I absolutely love that yoga meets you where you are in life at that very moment. What I have learned in my practice is: Yoga always works. I learned to hold space for myself, to listen to my

body and its needs and to stay present in midst of it all. Yoga brings balance to body and mind. This is what I love to pass on to my students. Sylvia’s classes are lighthearted and encouraging, while focusing on healthy alignment, building strength and creating self-awareness.

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